Yellow Cedar

Yellow Cedar is also known as Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Western Cypress and Sitka Cypress for use for exteriors cladding decking and fencing.

Yellow Cedar is used in similar applications as the more common Western Red Cedar thuja plicata. Both Cedars are softwoods have good natural durability and do not need any preservative treatments to enhance their durability against biological decay due to the presence of tannins.

Western Red Cedar Shortages have brought Yellow Cedar to popularity and the many advantages of Yellow Cedar over Western Red Cedar are now known in Europe. This has led to a spike in demand in recent years for Yellow Cedar. Yellow Cedar has not been used very much commercially in Europe but has been very popular in the Asian markets especially Japan.

They are sourced and supplied from the west coast of the US mainly BC Coast of Canada where larger slow grown forests produce the good quality wood.

Some of differences between Yellow Cedar and Western Red Cedar are listed below:


If you are looking for an importer or supplier in the UK Timber Focus is an importer and distributor of Yellow Cedar  for Cladding, fencing screen  slats and decking.

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