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Paints & Oils

Protecting and maintaining your timber cladding is key to keeping it looking at its best for years to come and there are a huge choice of finishes from a clear oil to enhance the natural beauty of the wood or an opaque coloured finish to create a statement look. With products for stripping, cleaning, protecting and finishing wood cladding, our range will have something to suit every need. To deliver the desired service life, any coating applied must be maintained in good condition in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidance.

Various types of coatings are suitable for cladding ranging from clear, water repellents to translucent pigmented and solid stains and paints. Products can be applied by brush or spray on site but it is the full factory finishing of cladding with an extended maintenance system that is best for long term performance. 

We provide wood finishes for maintenance or touching up any timber cladding or accessories