Why timber decking?

Why timber decking?

Why timber decking?

Why timber decking?

Timber decking is always a popular choice for gardens all over the world – but why? Here are just a few key reasons why you should consider timber decking.


Wood is a very versatile material to work with – it can be cut and shaped into all manner of designs with relative ease, which makes it the ideal material if you want to make a real statement with your decking. It means truly unique decking designs are made that much easier. It’s also relatively lightweight and easy to work with, which means that installation should be quick.


Timber is, of course, a sustainable choice of decking material, provided it’s sourced from the right growers. This makes it highly ecologically friendly, which is always going to make it a popular choice. All wood by-products, such as sawdust, chippings, etc, can also be used. When the lifespan of your decking has come to an end, the wood can be completely recycled or responsibly disposed of.


Timber decking is popular because, quite simply, it looks good. Depending on the species of wood you choose, you can have some truly stunning decking on which to enjoy parties, BBQs, and drinks on summer evenings. If you don’t want to keep the natural wood hues, you can also have timber decking painted in a range of colours with relative ease and minimal effort.

Timber decking is always going to be a popular choice because of its affordability, versatility, and its durability – provided you treat it properly, you can expect to enjoy several years of service from your timber decking. It’s always a wise investment to make sure your timber decking is properly treated, to offer the best resistance from the heat and moisture of the elements.

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