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Why Timber Cladding?

Why Timber Cladding?

Timber is a consistently popular choice of material when it comes to cladding. But, what is it about timber that makes it such a popular and enduring choice? Here are just a few key reasons.

It’s easy to install

Timber cladding is relatively easy and quick to install, thanks to its light weight. The quicker and easier the installation, the less labour is required, which ultimately makes it cheaper.

It’s durable

Timber makes for a durable cladding choice as, providing it’s appropriately maintained on a regular basis, it can last very well for several years. Damage to your home is minimised due to its resistance to scratching, chips, and fire when properly treated.

It offers energy efficiency

Timber is great for insulation thanks to its relatively low thermal conductivity, especially when compared to concrete and steel. This means your home will lose less heat, lowering your energy bills, while remaining a sustainable material.

It’s highly versatile

Timber is an easy material to work with, which means it can be shaped and cut however you want it to be. This makes it suitable for all sizes and scales of building. It’s easy to decorate with too, as you can choose to paint it or leave it with its natural colour.

Sustainability in action

Wood is a natural resource which, provided it’s sourced from responsible sources, is infinitely sustainable. Compared to other cladding materials, this makes it an environmentally friendly choice. It’s also recyclable when it’s time to replace the cladding.

These are just some of the reasons that timber cladding makes such an enduringly popular choice. It’s affordable, versatile, and highly sustainable – making it a go-to choice of cladding for all manner of projects. For more information about why timber cladding could be right for you, just contact Timberfocus.