Why do people like pre-painted cladding?

Why do people like pre-painted cladding?

Why do people like pre-painted cladding?

Why do people like pre-painted cladding?

If you’re looking for a material to clad the exterior of your house, pre-painted timber cladding makes an excellent and versatile choice. But what are the benefits of pre-painted cladding?

Avoid awkward paint jobs

One of the most obvious benefits is that using cladding that has already been painted means you will avoid messy, costly and awkward painting jobs once your cladding has been fixed to your house exterior.

A factory setting provides the ideal conditions for applying primer and paint in the right quantity and at the correct temperature. Having the right equipment to apply the paint means that its finish is precise, even and to an exceptionally high standard.

This also means that you don’t have to worry about the weather and the risk of your exterior painting being called off because of adverse conditions.

Enjoy superior protection

Your cladding is protected straight away, giving you instant protection against the harsh winter elements or damaging summer sun, so your cladding can be fitted at any time of year, come rain or shine.

One of the most exciting things about pre-painted cladding is that you can select the colour that works best for your property and its environment. With a whole range of colours to choose from – from a natural look to complement your property’s surroundings to fresh, vibrant hues – you can be sure that your cladding will reflect your unique personal style.

You can also be safe in the knowledge that the colour you choose will look exactly as you expect, something that isn’t always possible when deciding between paint samples.

Fire retardant and straightforward pricing
For the ultimate in safety, pre-painted cladding can also be treated with fire retardant materials.

Finally, another great advantage is that you will know exactly what price to expect. When painting is undertaken on site, labour costs can vary from the original quote, especially if your project is delayed due to bad weather conditions.

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