Why do people like grey cladding?

Why do people like grey cladding?

Why do people like grey cladding?

Why do people like grey cladding?

Timber cladding has become a popular design feature in recent years. At one time, it was something that you would usually only spot on rural houses or garden sheds, but nowadays it’s being used to cover the exterior walls of all kinds of properties – from new builds to refurbished homes.

It also seems that, as the trend for cladded homes grows, one particular colour choice is proving to be the most popular among customers. That colour is grey.

But why has it become the preferred option of homeowners and property developers?

1. Fashion

Over the past decade, cool grey tones have become the neutral colour of choice among fashionistas and interior designers, and it’s a trend that has started to have an impact on how we decorate the outside of our homes. As well as grey cladding, there has also been a rise in the number of homeowners opting for grey window frames and front doors.

2. Practicality

Grey cladding works on many house styles because it usually blends in better with its surroundings than other colours do. Also, because the timber used for cladding tends to turn grey over time thanks to the effects of weathering, it is less noticeable if it hasn’t been painted in a while. Additionally, you are less likely to notice dirt or fading than you would if you opted for other neutral cladding colours such as white or cream.

3. Versatility

Grey cladding works well on many different styles of building. Plus, as there are so many different shades available, it’s easy to find one that suits the aesthetic of your home. A light grey cladding, for example, would blend in well with a rustic, stone-structure building in a rural setting. Darker shades of grey, however, can provide a contemporary finish to an urban townhouse.

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