Machined Softwood timber supplier of decking, cladding and flooring

Machined Softwood timber supplier of decking, cladding and flooring

Machined Softwood timber supplier of decking, cladding and flooring

Siberian Larch Cladding Preweathered Old Look

Machined Softwood timber supplier of decking, cladding and flooring

Machined and Painted Timber Cladding by Timber Focus
Machined and Painted Timber Cladding by Timber Focus

Timber Focus is a partner to Puidukoda OU which is part of the France based Rose Group. Rose Group is one of the largest independent timber producers in Europe for machined standard softwoods, premium machined softwoods factory treated Tanalith or Koopers AC500 and factory pre-painted cladding.

In the UK most of the products supplied by Puidukoda are available through timber merchants and Do it yourself retail shops (DIY Chains). These are customers would who buy large volumes as part or full truckloads in packs of machined timber. Puidukoda / Timber Focus tend to supply direct to timber merchants or as agency contracts for softwood timber manufacturers especially joinery, decking and cladding suppliers.

Puidukoda is looking to further develop its market share in the UK and Ireland with the partnership with Timber Focus Ltd. Puidukoda has made a lot of effort to develop these 2 markets by providing fast and reliable delivery services from its factory in Estonia or with landed stocks in the UK.

The main species supplied by Puidukoda OU and Timber Focus are Redwood (Pine), Spruce Nordic Whitewood and Siberian Larch. Puidukoda with its factory based in the Baltics gives it a strategic location to receive raw material. Puidukoda have a very good source of timber which supplies slow grown quality softwoods from Scandinavia and Russia.

Untreated, Green, Brown Timber Decking
Treated Softwood Decking

The Rose Group is already one of the leaders supplying pre-painted timber cladding and fire-retardant treated timber cladding to Euro Class B due to advanced automated production technology.

The Rose Group has 3 main subsidiaries these include;-
• Rose Charpente (Lambelle France) which began trading in 1949 based in Northern France
• Protac (1995) France which began trading in 1995
• Puidukoda OU Estonia which was acquired 2013
o Timber Focus UK
o Poland
o Czech Republic
Volume 300 000m3 traded
Employees 204

Rose Charpente ( Lambelle France)1949

Protac (1995) France
Puidukoda OU Estonia (Acquired 2013)
o Poland
o Czech Republic
Timber Focus UK
Puidukoda and Timber Focus has been supporting a number of timber merchants, timber suppliers and DIY chains in a number of ways to ensure that their position as leading wholesale timber producer is maintained these include.
• Free Display boards (Wall hang or free standing)
• Free Timber Samples
• Product Promotions and New Product Launch Events
• Regular Training/Meetings with its customers
• Wide range of products available in a wide range of profiles
• Large Stock holding
• Quick turnaround on bulk orders
Timber Focus and Puidukoda ensure that all their products hold the appropriate certifications and conformation to International (ISO) , Regional (European Standard EN) or National Standards (British Standards BS) these include, voluntary environmental certifications and legal or mandatory requirements;
• FSC Certification
• PEFC Certification
ISO 9001
• CE Marking its timber cladding, strength graded timber, flooring etc (Health and Safety, Fire, Structural performance, durability etc) as required by CPR Construction Products Regulation.
Copies of certifications are all available to download.
• Puidukoda OU and Timber Focus have also been involved in several Sponsorships activities such as Sponsoring training and conferences for the UK Timber IWSC Conferences (Society of Wood Technology) formally known and the Institute of Wood Science. They have also been sponsoring youth football teams and charity events.
• Puidukoda OU and Timber Focus has been actively promoting its products and supporting its distributors through various publications and events e.g. in the Timber Trade Journal (TTJ) the leading timber voice in the UK Timber Industry, Exhibiting at the Timber Expo during the UK Construction Week and the Grand Designs Live in Birmingham.


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