When is it best to use timber decking?

When is it best to use timber decking?

When is it best to use timber decking?

When is it best to use timber decking?

Timber decking is a highly attractive way of increasing the usable space in your garden. Enjoying the summer sun, firing up a BBQ, or drinks on warm evenings – everything is made better with attractive timber decking. But when is timber decking the best choice for you?

Understanding timber decking

To understand when timber decking is best used, it’s important to know what the benefits and drawbacks of timber as a decking material are. Of course a clear benefit is that timber is a beautiful, sustainable, and highly versatile material to make decking out of.

Being a natural material, however, makes timber prone to alteration over time given certain circumstances. Excess heat, moisture, and humidity, for example, can cause negative effects in timber decking – particularly if it’s not treated properly.

With excess heat, timber used in decking can be prone to fading and cracking. This not only makes it lose some of its natural aesthetic appeal, but it might lead it to become structurally unstable. Moisture and humidity can cause wood to expand, which again may compromise the stability of your decking.

When is timber best?

With this information, it’s clear to understand that timber is your ideal choice if you live in an area that benefits from comparatively stable weather patterns. If you live somewhere prone to unusually hot, dry summers or cold, wet winters then timber decking might not be the ideal solution.

Don’t take this to mean that timber is fragile as a material, however. When it’s properly treated and maintained on an ongoing basis, timber decking is a reliable and beautiful addition to any garden.

Another consideration you can make is where the decking is going to be placed in your garden. For example, if your decking is going somewhere with lots of natural shade and shelter, timber decking is ideal.


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