When is it best to use timber cladding?

When is it best to use timber cladding?

When is it best to use timber cladding?

When is it best to use timber cladding?

Timber is always a popular cladding material, as it looks beautiful and offers many benefits. But are there certain circumstances where timber cladding is best used? Are there times you should avoid using timber cladding?

What do you need to consider?

Timber is a highly versatile and easy to work with material, so the type of project you’re using it for isn’t much of a concern. Timber can be used on small or large properties and can be easily shaped to suit your needs.

The issue with timber cladding, as opposed to other cladding materials, such as steel or concrete, is that it’s a natural material. Natural materials, under certain circumstances, can be prone to changing and degrading over time if not properly cared for.

The two main enemies of timber as a cladding material are excess heat and moisture. Heat can cause the timber to become dry and brittle, and at the very least lose some of its natural aesthetic appeal. Excess moisture and humidity in the air can cause wood to warp.

So when is timber cladding best?

Timber cladding is best used, then, in areas which have relatively stable weather patterns. If you live in a climate that is prone to experiencing regular peaks in heat or excess rain and humidity, timber cladding might not be the best option for you. Timber is a very durable cladding material, but it has its limits.

Wherever you choose to use timber cladding, you should always make sure that it’s properly varnished and treated to keep it as resistant to the elements as possible. Your timber cladding should be regularly checked to ensure it’s in good structural condition, and any repairs or further treatments seen to as soon as possible.

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