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What is Siberian larch wood?

What is Siberian larch wood?

Siberian larch wood (Larix Sibirica), not to be confused with the larch in Western Europe, first came to the fore during the Venice Golden Age. At the time, construction workers required materials that were robust and long-lasting. In their course of trading with the Scythians, they opted for the Siberian larch, which ended up being at the centre of the majority of the piles that Venice City was built on.

In the coming years, people would be amazed by its qualities. Though a soft wood, its versatility and durability were quite outstanding. Tests were carried out on Siberian larch in 1827, and the results were excellent. The piles were found to have been hardened to the qualities of rock. Even the technology and machinery available to the lumbering industry at the time could not be used to cut it.

Over the years, its resinous versatility and hard-wearing qualities have made it popular in the construction industry. Thanks to the attributes of this wood, it has been used for exterior cladding, interior panelling, joinery, decking as well as building yachts and small boats, among other uses.

In recent years, it has gained a reputation as the preferred choice in the UK for decking. It is resistant to decay and water and offers extreme longevity thanks to its very high density and unique composition of resins. Also, it doesn’t require additional treatment and can be installed in its natural state, making it cheaper to maintain.

Then there is its aesthetic beauty. It has a golden-yellow colour similar to pine, but as it weathers the colour changes to silver-grey and there’s minimal reactivity. Due to this, the weathering occurs evenly. Put all these factors together, and you have durable and beautiful wood to use for your decking.