Western Red Cedar

Also known as thuja plicata, this is a softwood and it is one of the most used cladding products in the UK for premium exterior cladding and fencing screen slats. The Coastal Canadian Western Red Cedar is more durable, more stable, fewer knots and defects in comparison to the home-grown British Cedar which is widely non-durable. We import and distribute Premium Coastal Canadian Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar is a versatile product suitable for cladding, fencing and many other applications.

It is a premium clear grade air-dried. Its smooth planed finish makes it easy to stain or paint if required as it is air-dried allow it to acclimatise to the correct moisture content.

Our slow grown coastal British Columbia Clear Cedar is one of the best available in the UK, carefully selected to ensure durability and denseness. If left to naturally to weather, this cedar will turn a beautiful silvery grey colour. Alternatively, Western Red Cedar can be treated with various wood tones for a modern look or to simply maintain its golden-brown colour.
No additional preservative treatment is required for use in cladding, landscaping fencing applications above ground.

Key Features

  • Currently the most popular of species chosen for external cladding and premium fencing screen slats
  • BS EN 350-2 classed as ‘durable’ and does not require treatment for external use, providing only heartwood is used
  • Small movement
  • Available with PEFC certification
  • Appearance grade recommended for cladding from BS 1186-3 is Class 1
  • Good for durability, stability and volume to weight ratio
  • Usually imported from North America, but British Western Cedar is also becoming available, but is rated as ‘moderately durable’ by BS EN 350-2
  • British Western Cedar matches the durability of the North American Cedar but with the added advantage of reduction in cost and of embodied energy
  • Left untreated, like other species, Western Red Cedar fades to a silver-grey colour. If specifying untreated wood, ensure that the client is aware of weathering and fading
  • Natural oils in the timber have a corrosive effect on ferrous metals, so galvanized or stainless-steel fixings should be used
  • It can be nailed and screwed easily without splitting
  • The wood is soft and brittle so when designing for use, care should be taken in locating it away from areas where it might be subject to damage
  • It can become stained in polluted areas

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