Using wood for cladding inside buildings

Using wood for cladding inside buildings

Using wood for cladding inside buildings

Using wood for cladding inside buildings

Timber is often used for cladding the exteriors of buildings, and it’s a purpose that it’s suited to very well indeed. However, timber also makes a great choice for interior cladding. Here are just a few reasons why.

It’s versatile

When you’re cladding the interior of any building, versatility is a paramount concern. This is where timber makes an excellent choice of material – it’s lightweight and easy to shape in any number of ways. So, however you choose to have the interior of your property decorated, timber will be able to facilitate it. That it’s lightweight and ease to work with also minimises the necessary time and labour, which ultimately makes any cladding projects that much more affordable.

It’s sustainable

Another key aspect of timber as a material is that it’s highly sustainable, which makes it the perfect choice for the more ecologically conscious. When sourced from responsible suppliers, it’s a highly sustainable material compared to other cladding options. Furthermore, any offcuts can also be put to use as sawdust and chippings and so on. Similarly, when you decide to update or change your cladding, the wood that has been used can be completely recycled.

It’s beautiful

Practicality matters when you’re choosing a material to clad the interior of your property – but ultimately you want something that’s going to look good too. Timber fits the bill perfectly, as it caters to all manner of tastes. With so many species, colours, hues, tones, and grades available, you’re sure to find the timber that perfectly matches the rest of your interior decoration. It’s also comparatively easy to live with – it’s durable and easy to keep clean.

If you have any further questions about why timber could be the perfect choice of cladding in your property, contact Timberfocus today for more help and guidance.


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