UK Softwood Timber Conference 2019

UK Softwood Timber Conference 2019

UK Softwood Timber Conference 2019

UK Softwood Timber Trade

UK Softwood Timber Conference 2019

Andrew Goto (Head of Sales Timber Focus / Puidukoda OU) was glad to have attended The UK Softwood Conference at 8 Nothumberland Avenue, London that took place on Wednesday 6th March 2019. The Event was hosted by the Timber Trade Federation. The event welcomed international buyers and suppliers of softwood timber for the UK Market. It was an opportunity for all leaders in the softwood sector to discuss the latest market news in the softwood trade in the UK and Europe and try and get a better understanding on the implications of BREXIT on the timber trade

Andrew was glad to establish that  Puidukoda OU  / Timber Focus had prepared themselves well  on BREXIT despite not much progress with the Government on reaching a deal. They hold large stocks of machined deckings, claddings and floorings.  A number of Key speakers included

Joanna Foat
Author, Lumberjill: 
Britain’s Forgotten Army

Joanna was sharing the stories of the Lumberjills who were felling, shedding, loading lorries and sawmilling timber all over Scotland during World War 2.

Nick Moore
Managing Director, TimberTrends

Nick was delivering the latest data in the softwood market and  discussed the possible impacts of the EU Referendum on the future of softwood.

Olle Berg
Managing Director, Setra Group

Olle  reviewed the current trends and the future of investment and global demand in a post-Brexit landscape.

Mike Glennon
Managing Director, Glennon Brothers

Mike shared how the shape of Ireland’s timber industry has changed since the EU Referendum two years ago.

Keith Ainslie
Sales Manager, James Jones & Sons

Keith provided insight into the UK’s softwood market over the past year from the sawmill perspective.

Noble Francis
Economic Director, CPA

Noble  illustrated the outlook of the UK’s construction market and the possible repercussions to the timber trade.

For detailed information email; andrew.goto@timberfocus.com

During the event Andrew Goto managed to share new products for 2019 with trade colleagues on factory finished claddings floorings and deckings within the SertiWOOD range, Dragon, Distressed, WoodMood from Puidukoda including fire retardant timber claddings treated achieve Euro Class B EN13501-1. They also launched the burnt , charred scorched timber cladding with warranty and no issues of dirt or splitting.

Charred Burnt, Distressed and a clear hardwood included in this range


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