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Traditional and Current Cladding Materials

old look exterior cladding

Traditional and Current Cladding Materials

Traditional Materials

Black featherdge Cladding
Black Wall Cladding

Whether you are upgrading the timber cladding on your home or selecting timber cladding for a new home, it is an exciting time.  But it can also be a confusing time. There are so many options that it may not be an easy decision to make. Each  timber cladding  choice also presents pros and cons; costs, reliability, maintenance and environmental responsibilities. For 200 years timber has been used to clad  homes of all styles and sizes. We have a wide range of stock siding products including some of the traditional cladding and the modern cladding materials;

  • Mineral fibre cladding to replace the old asbestos siding.
  • Wood cedar lap in different sizes and lengths.
  • Painted timber cladding such as the Essex barn – black painted featheredge
  • Spruce painted cladding, including internal bead and butt beaded ceiling,
  • Hardboard lap cladding
  • Thermowood Cladding – Lunawood, Heat treated
  • Siberian Larch Cladding
  • Accoya Cladding
  • Oak Cladding
  • Cement boards
  • Engineered wood cladding in lap.

You can trust that if you can’t find it or we don’t stock it, we will do whatever it takes to find you a solution. Come see the cladding  specialists at Timber Focus. We can help you find  a local installer or joiner to get your cladding professionally installed.

Wood Cladding

Vertical Wood Cladding
External Thermowood Cladding

The warmth and beauty of wood cladding in its natural state is hard to beat. Wood is a natural insulator and is easy to work with. It also compliments and blends well with other materials. When used outdoors it does require routine maintenance over its lifetime.

We stock the following;

  • Cedar lap cladding in 4″, 6″ and 8″ widths and various lengths.
  • Painted Spruce Cladding
  • Redwood Cladding
  • Siberian Larch Cladding
  • Western Red Cedar Cladding
  • Thermowood Cladding
  • Hardwood Cladding
  • Cedar sidewall shake shinges.
  • Cedar shingles.

Timber Cladding

Real wood Cladding
Grey Painted Cladding

Many homes built in the 1980’s and newer used hardboard lap cladding. It is often composed of compressed wood fibre, wax, resin, and wood chips. If properly installed, primed and painted it can protect your home for years. But if improperly installed and cared for it is subject to pre-mature rot, deterioration and water penetration which can result in mould growing on the cladding. Because of this homeowners and contractors are choosing other cladding materials that are manufactured to handle the elements. But if you are replacing the bad with new and you need it to match we stock a few sizes and profiles just for those applications.

  • Textured and Smooth lap cladding in 6″, 8″ and 12″ widths in 16′ lengths.
  • Textured beaded lap cladding in 8″ width, 16′ length.
  • Sheet sidings in stucco style, woodgrained with grooves every 8″ inches and plain woodgrain with no grooves. All in 4×8 size

We can also help with priming and painting options to help extend the life of your siding. If you need it professionally installed we will work with you to find a local installer that will get it done for you.

Fire Retardant Cladding

Fire Treated Cladding
Exterior Fire Retardant Cladding

Engineered Wood

LP® SmartSide® products deliver all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood, plus the durability of engineered wood to help make your home project a success. Their SmartGuard® process actually improves upon nature, creating products that are engineered for strength, performance and protection against fungal decay and termites. The LP SmartSide family is also backed by our industry-leading 5/50 Year Transferable Limited Warranty.

At Star we supply the following:

  • Woodgrain textured lap siding in 8″ and 12″ widths, 16′ lengths.
  • Woodgrain sheet siding in 4×8’s.

We can also help with priming and painting options to help extend the life of your siding. If you need it professionally installed we will work with you to find a local joiner and installer that will get it done for you.

Speciality Cladding

Charred-Burnt-Scorched-Cladding Siding
Charred Burnt Charred-Burnt-Scorched-Cladding Cladding

There is always an occassion that calls for a distinctive cladding that is hard to find. At Timber Focus we understand that what you want is different, just like you. That is why we offer a WIDE variety of specialty claddings. We should be able to find one that speaks just to you.

Special Order Cladding Options; 

  • Log cabin siding in several wood species.
  • Sidewall shakes in several styles.
  • Charred-Burnt-Scorched-Cladding Charred, burnt timber cladding
  • Reclaimed barnwood for shabby chic feel
  • Preaged cladding – Old look
  • Fire Retardant treated cladding to Euro Class B