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Thermowood uses a modification method using heat / high temperatures and steam to change the properties of the wood e.g the durability against wood destroying fungi, dimensional stability, and appearance. We supply Thermowood Redwood D Pine, Thermowood Ash, Thermowood Poplar, Thermowood Ayous Clear Cedar and Thermowood Radiata Pine

It is considered an environmentally friendly way of wood treatment as no chemicals are added during the process. The level and intensity of heat used during the thermal modification will result in differing properties.

Thermowood D is classified as durable having been treated to higher temperatures and can be used for both internal and external applications whilst Thermowood S is treated at lower temperatures is classified as stable and used for internal applications. Using heat for thermal modification has been known to have existed since the Viking period but has become popular in the last 10-15 years with large-scale commercial production plants being set up across the globe, mainly in Scandinavia and Estonia. The process is used to enhance the durability and stability of timber products for both internal and external applications for example decking boards, floorings, timber cladding, wood shingles saunas, hot tubs for both internal and external applications. Recently we have seen the rise in hardwoods and clearer high-quality Thermowoods being readily available and an increase in factory finished pre-painted and fire retardant treated Thermowoods.

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