The Process of buying timber cladding  or flooring

The Process of buying timber cladding  or flooring

The Process of buying timber cladding  or flooring

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The Process of buying timber cladding  or flooring

Some factors have made Timber Focus a leading timber supplier stand out as a leading timber supplier of timber decking, timber cladding for both exterior wood cladding and interior wood cladding,  timber flooring.

Timber Focus is customer-led we work with different types of customers from large construction contractors, architects, specifiers, private home developers. We support various trade bodies, e.g. RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects with the provision of information and specification assistance from drafting H21 clauses arranging samples.

It is always good practice to get us involved very early in the project brief or at the cladding or flooring idea stage as we can help identify the positives and areas of concern of your timber cladding or timber flooring  be it on the species selection, profile configuration, installation, detailing, maintenance and meeting construction standards. We will guide you throughout your project.

We have been involved in some iconic projects that are featured in the Grand Designs ITV Channel Timber Cladding and Flooring. Timber Focus with its cladding and flooring specialists will also be exhibiting at the Grand Design Exhibition with a Partner Puidukoda OU supplying timber products to merchants and distributors and you are very welcome to visit our exhibition stand where we will be showing some of the latest techniques in wood finishes in various colours, tones, textures and profiles. We love to discuss house cladding, flooring and domestic cladding projects our jobs are very varied no day is the same we discuss cladding and flooring these could include, pubs, restaurant, swimming pool, barn, chalets, holiday home , modular construction, hospitals, colleges, schools etc

Our Process

We welcome anybody who would like to use timber in their projects.

We ask you to tell us to want to want your building to look like or even better for you to show us images of your plans or ideas.  We enjoy bringing our clients dreams and aspirations to reality we love challenges in timber cladding and timber flooring.

We then show you different samples and images available for you to consider in the various wood types and species for your wood cladding and wood flooring. If the examples are not to your taste, we use our craftsman or woodworking teams to work on your ideas to produce project samples.

We also look at Environmental certification as we are both FSC Certified and PEFC Certified and we supply FSC and PEFC Certified timber. We promote sustainable weatherboarding, flooring and ensure we conform to the EUTR European Timber Regulation to providing that not just legal timber is used on your project but sustainable wood aswell. This gives us joy in knowing that we are supplying sustainable wood for cladding and flooring projects we have a full chain of supply to allow our customers to trace the chain of custody.

We can offer various patterns, designs from bespoke, standard or match; we can supply you with any pattern you require from tongue and groove, shiplap, square edge, weatherboarding, shadow line, Microline, rhombus in sawn, planed cladding, log-lap cladding or textured finishes.

We help you choose the correct orientation for your selected timber cladding, vertical cladding or horizontal or diagonal cladding.

The timber we supply comes in varying levels of durability we can help you choose from our stock timber that will have a service life of up to 15years, up to 30 years or up to 60 years in the very durable species.

Cost is never an indication of whether a species if better, or we help customers choose their timber products wisely a  cheap timber could last as long as some as the very durable timbers. There some alternatives expensive timber claddings, e.g. we have alternatives for cedar cladding, alternatives for Accoya cladding.

We have much cladding that is off the shelf in stock  that can be delivered  in 5 working days we have some timbers that will be delivered in 20 days, or more this may be due to the additional processes required, e.g. Fire Retardant treatment

After Care Costs are very important when choosing your cladding project, we look at the elevations and details and consider how often you may need to clean your cladding based on exposure, pollution etc, e.g. if your cladding is close to a busy motorway you may need more maintenance, e.g. cleaning off of pollutants from your cladding.

We also give you a free timber quote to compare the different types of timbers. It is true that timber consumers have such a large selection of timber products to choose from, from solid natural wood, modified timber e.g. Accoya, thermowood Ayous, Ash, Frake, hardwoods Sapele Oak Utile, Ekki, Iroko softwoods ( Siberian larch, Scottish larch, Imported Canadian western red cedar, Homegrown cedar) etc. Different types of finishes oiled, painted, burnt charred, shou sugi ban.

There are some very good cladding products that are very economic and give a very good quality finish, e.g. painted cladding these can be finished in a factory environment and no need to paint on site. The painted cladding has become a product of choice Painted cladding now very common in whitewood spruce, and in Siberian larch we keep painted cladding instock for free nationwide delivery on short notice.


Why not do that today and also take the opportunity to look at our architect’s inspiration brochure for various timber products for your next project. We also offer financing options for your timber cladding subject to approval.


It is always necessary to contact our Timber cladding specialists who will guide you through the complete process you can either email or call Timber Focus at info@timberfocus.com


Please note we are experiencing delivery delays on orders due to increased demand and COVID-19.

However, we are still processing all orders as fast as we can.