The benefits of painting your cladding

The benefits of painting your cladding

The benefits of painting your cladding

Exterior Painted Timber Cladding UV Stained with a warranty light Oak SertiWOOD

The benefits of painting your cladding

No matter if you are looking to install timber cladding in your home or garden, you will likely face the question of whether you should paint it, oil it or leave it to naturally weather. Here at Timber Focus, we offer a wide range of styles and colours to ensure you don’t have to face this question, but if you are looking to paint your SertiWOOD® products then here’s some of the benefits…

This why we offer you painted timber  cladding from Timber Focus

Colour choice
Whilst we do offer a huge array of colours, everyone has a different design and painting does allow you to completely transform to your own style.

Staining and oiling might be a cheaper alternative, but painting your timber cladding will last longer thanks to its more durable nature.

Painting your cladding can significantly reduce the maintenance requirements. By creating a slick surface over the wood, you will be able to simply sweep away all dirt and debris.

Paint will help to keep the elements from damaging the wood, providing a protective barrier over the wood stopping damage from the rain and sun.

This might not be an obvious benefit, but if you have cladding that has been weathered and outdoors for a significant time then there might be little areas of minor damage. Using a special repairing paint can fill those gaps and extend the life of the cladding even further.

Approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects, SertiWOOD® is one of the best ranges of cladding on the market. Coming pre-painted, our huge array of colours and styles can meet many designs but the products can also be fully painted to meet your needs.

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