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The beauty of coloured wood cladding

The beauty of coloured wood cladding

Many homeowners are now opting for coloured timber cladding instead of natural timber cladding. The beauty of this is that you still get the beautiful feel and texture of wood, but it can be personalised for your particular space, both inside and outside the home. Below we explore the beauty of coloured wood cladding and how you can use it in your home and garden.

The hallway

Dark wood cladding has long been the favoured choice in hallways, but now this cladding is being given a new lease of life. Swap that dark oak for the new bleached timber cladding that is colour stained to open up the hallway. Favoured colours are whites, pale blues and mint greens.

Living room

You can use wooden cladding in your living room, no matter what size you have. For the smaller living room opt for wooden cladding on a feature wall that is painted in soft cream or oatmeal. Wooden cladding can be used on several walls in the large living room, and here you can be bold with rustic reds and chocolate brown.


Wooden cladding works so well in the farmhouse kitchen and contemporary kitchen. The new fire retardant wooden cladding means that it is safe to use in this room. White cladding will give a crisp and clear look to the room while helping to open up the space, while a more traditional brown will blend effortlessly with that rustic style kitchen.

Outside the home

Exterior cladding also comes in a range of different colours that can completely transform your outside space. When used on the rear of your property you can use sage green to create a calming and natural space in which to sit and relax. Rustic browns and cream also work incredibly well outside.

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