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Starting a new building project or refurbishment? Consider fire retardant timber cladding!

Fire Retardant Timber Cladding to Euro Class B for Internal and External Use

Starting a new building project or refurbishment? Consider fire retardant timber cladding!

Whether you are ensuring the best fire protection for your family home or a large commercial project, think safety first. Consult with your local fire or building control officer to ensure your specifications meet regulations. Some of the basic factors that determine the need for fire treated cladding is the distance between buildings and boundaries of timber-clad buildings, the height of the building and also more demand in public buildings e.g schools, hospitals etc

Following the tragic events of the Grenfell fire in 2017, the priority for architects, homeowners and builders have been… you guessed it, fire retardant timber cladding as some would say timber cladding with maximum fire resistance! Which is not technically correct but we let them get away with such a phrase .. it needs to be the reaction to fire, surface spread of flame, smoke droplets etc Everyone is desperate to ensure cladding materials are durable, credible and industry compliant.

Timber cladding has become more and more popular for commercial and residential projects. This is because of its durability, natural aesthetic and low environmental impact.
Surprisingly to some, it also has a high standard of structural integrity in the face of a fire. Simply put, the layers in the timber work with each other to starve the wood of oxygen. This allows the cladding to maintain its structure and aids fire compartmentation.
Choosing the right standard of cladding is imperative to any building project. Our fully certified fire retardant timber cladding from is a perfect solution! It meets building regulations and customer satisfaction every time for Euro Class B or C or the British Standards Class 1 or Class O!

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At Timber Focus, we supply both internal and external cladding. We provide timber cladding in either opaque or translucent finishes. All our fire treated wood cladding is tested to meet both Euro Class B and C fire ratings. Contact us for all your fire retardant timber cladding requirements.
Remember safety first!