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Some myths about Wood Cladding

Factory Painted Cladding Exterior Wood with 10 year warranty

Some myths about Wood Cladding

True or False about Wood Cladding ?

Wood is more expensive than other types of exterior timber cladding.

NOT NECESSARILY. Wood may initially cost more than vinyl or certain types of wood imitation cladding such as wood plastics, fibre cement composite, but it is less expensive than masonry or steel. You also need to take other factors into consideration, such as the claddings lifespan. Regular maintenance will extend the life of the genuine wood, making it one of the most affordable materials over the long run.

Genuine wood cladding requires frequent maintenance.

FALSE. All cladding requires maintenance. Wood cladding needs basic maintenance on a regular, but not necessarily frequent basis to ensure it remains in good condition. Restaining your Timber Focus – WoodMood – Puidukoda- Protac cladding periodically will keep the wood healthy; it’s also a great opportunity to change the colour if you’re looking for an easy and affordable update for your home—a major advantage over other cladding products.

Secret Fix Factory painted  timber cladding Opaque with 10 year warranty
Secret Fix Factory painted timber cladding Opaque with 10 year warranty

Wood has a limited lifespan and will eventually rot.

FALSE. If wood cladding is properly installed and maintained, there is no reason for it to rot. Timber Focus – Woodmood- Puidukoda- Protac goes to great lengths to ensure its genuine wood cladding is properly seasoned and protected. Following our installation and maintenance recommendations will keep your wood healthy.

Installing wood cladding is difficult.

FALSE. Wood is easy to work with and does not require any special installation tools. All WoodMood products are designed with easy installation in mind. We also offer step-by-step installation guides and videos to help, and our dedicated technical team is just a call away if you have any questions either before or during installation.

There is no real benefit to choosing genuine wood cladding.

FALSE. Wood is an authentic, quality material that is always in style. Because it can be easily maintained, it can last much longer than most materials. Wood also complements many other types of materials, making it a great choice for virtually any architectural style.