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Signs You Need To Replace Your Timber Decking

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Signs You Need To Replace Your Timber Decking

Your timber decking is an important part of your garden and when carefully maintained, it is able to last for many years. However, over time even the well-maintained decking will need to be replaced and here are five signs it might be time you need a new timber decking

Examine the posts

The posts are always a good place to examine first, water is likely to pool here which can lead to them rotting. If you do start to see signs of damage and rot, then you should replace the decking as soon as possible.

Check the joists

Equally as important as the posts are the joists. If you notice the wood is quite soft and you can push a screwdriver in without much force then it is time to replace the decking before any structural damage occurs.

Weakened railings

Are your railings feeling weak or quite loose? This is often a sign that they are either in need of repair or require replacing. If there are no signs of rot anywhere else then you might be able to repair, otherwise it could be time to replace the entire decking.

Check the screws

Another good indication on the health of your decking is to examine the nails and screws holding it together. Water easily pools here, which can then damage the wood, so if you are seeing signs of damage and rot around these areas then it will need replacing. 

Overall feel

If you are noticing that your decking feels soft and almost spongy when you walk on it then it is a sign that there could be significant water damage and rot, so it is likely in need of a full replacement.

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