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Siberian Larch also known as Russian Larch, Larix Sibirica is supplied for use in internal and external applications for decking, cladding, louvre blades and fencing. Our Siberian Larch is sourced from sustainable slow growing forests in the cold northern regions of Siberia and supplied as FSC Certified. We select and use the heartwood part of the log which is the most durable. Our Siberian Larch is naturally durable and has a minimum expected service life of 25 years when used for cladding and decking applications. We supply Siberian Larch in a variety of finishes: natural; factory stained or painted; charred or burnt like the Shou Sugi Ban; pre-aged old look weathered finish and fire retardant treated to Euro Class O or B.

We have over 20 different cladding profiles we can supply e.g. tongue and groove, shiplap, half lap, square edge, rhombus, rainscreen, channel lining, sawn faces etc. Always specify heartwood selected Siberian larch as the sapwood is not durable and most merchants will not select for heartwood.

Siberian Larch timber is ideal for both internal and external decking and cladding applications. It has significant advantages such as it is naturally durable and can be used externally above ground without the need for any preservative treatment and it is significantly denser than pine or spruce.

Siberian Larch remains the most used natural type of untreated exterior wood deck boards and cladding.

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