Siberian Larch

Larch Cladding with Siberian Larch Timber, also referred to as Russian Larch or Larix Sibirica. Taking pride in maintaining one of the largest stocks of Siberian Larch Timber in the UK for Larch Cladding.

It’s important to note that all our Larch is ethically sourced and certified Pre-conflict, ensuring responsible harvesting practices. Our Siberian Larch originates from sustainable forests in the cold northern regions of Siberia, where it grows slowly, resulting in durable and high-quality timber.

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Larch Timber Cladding excels in various forms, including:

  • Decking: Creating beautiful and long-lasting outdoor spaces.
  • Cladding: Enhancing your property’s aesthetics and weather resistance.
  • Louvre blades: Providing a stylish and practical solution for ventilation and privacy.
  • Fencing: Offering a robust and natural boundary for your garden or property.

This meticulous selection translates to exceptional durability, with a minimum expected lifespan of 25 years for cladding and decking applications. Utilizing the heartwood of the log, known for its superior strength and longevity.

Choose from a variety of Siberian Larch finishes to match your design vision:

  • Natural: Inherent beauty of the wood shines through.
  • Stained or painted: Achieve a specific color palette seamlessly.
  • Charred or burnt (Shou Sugi Ban): Embrace a distinctive, rustic aesthetic.
  • Pre-aged weathered finish: Creating a timeless, aged appearance.
  • Fire retardant treatment: Ensure compliance with building regulations.
    Over 10 different cladding profiles are available to achieve the desired visual effect for your project.

Furthermore it remains a popular and trusted choice due to its outstanding natural durability, eliminating the need for additional treatments in above-ground external applications. Its density surpasses commonly used alternatives like pine or spruce.

Sourcing  FSC-certified pre-war Siberian Larch from sustainably managed forests, ensuring responsible forestry practices and ethical sourcing. However, we understand specific project needs may require alternative materials and offer suitable substitutes.