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Screws, Nails & Timber Fixings are a need when fixing wood components together There are many different methods to consider, from standard to specialist fixings and it is important to select the correct type for your cladding and decking. Fixings are designed for specific end uses for both aesthetic reasons and strength. For example, exterior cladding using Cedar and Siberian Larch requires stainless steel fixings e.g. annular ring shanks. The right grade of stainless steel will also vary depending on various factors including distance from coastal areas. Without the appropriate fixing you run the risk of failure – staining, corrosion of fixings etc. We supply a wide range of fixings for decking and cladding for both internal and external applications. 

The following factors need to be considered when selecting fixings:

  • whether the joint has to carry a structural load
  • the type of wood or wood product to be fixed
  • what the wood is being fixed to
  • whether the overall product is to be load bearing
  • whether if it is for external or internal use.

Insect mesh is required to cover all cavities around cladding and decking. It aims to restrict insects and rodents from entering and living in cavities.

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