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Responsible Timber Supplier -Wholesale Distributor

Sustainable Timber Supplier

Responsible Timber Supplier -Wholesale Distributor

Timber Focus is a responsible timber supplier offering timber products throughout the UK and Ireland. We supply timber products from sustainable timber sources and ensuring that the timber we supply for cladding, decking and flooring complies to EUTR – European Timber Regulation. Our objective is to ensure that the timber we supply is either  The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Certified as standard.


We care about the environment, deforestation and endangered species but we also consider the end of life use, disposal of our timber and related products. Our aim is to supply products that can be reused or recycled at the end of life minimising the amount of landfill waste.
We ensure we generate very little waste within the organisation as part of our day to day operations such as the amount of paper we use for printing and packaging etc, we also consider the amount of fuel we use to heat our offices and vehicles ensuring that we are as fuel efficient as possible. We aim to work as lean and as efficient as possible. When we select our products, we offer on the market we also consider the end of life, disposal, reuse, recycle capabilities of our timber and related products.
We supply various timber products that are environmentally friendly such as Siberian larch, Charred-Burnt-Scorched-Cladding, Western red cedar, Painted cladding, Prepainted wood, Thermowood – Thermally Treated Timber such as Thermowood Pine (Redwood), Thermowood Ash, Thermowood Ayous, Thermowood Tulipwood, Oak, SertiWOOD Cedar- Clear Durable Hardwood etc, we also supply modified Accoya timber products that can be used to various internal and external applications with long warranty or service life. All these products can be supplied sawn or planed to profile such as shiplap, PTGV, PMV, Shadow Gap, Micro-line etc. These products are available from us to use for decking, cladding, flooring, C24 etc


We believe the future is in our community and there is a need to give back to the community. We provide a number of free activities such as supporting the local Girl guiding Unit with training on forestry and the use of timber. We always aim to buy goods and employ people locally.

The Marketplace

We believe we are market leaders in ensuring that we know where our timber comes from. We ensure that our timber is not only sourced from legal sources as required by law but from sustainable and responsible sources which we do voluntarily.

Values and Transparency

We value transparency hence we are members of voluntarily organisations in the timber and environmental sectors such as such as the PEFC and FSC or promoting the good use of timber products with TRADA and these organisations have performance criteria which we have to achieve or standard we have to meet.
Timber Focus offers training to various customers such as Timber and Builders Merchants, Construction Companies Architects and Specifiers. We also support apprenticeship schemes and sponsor industry related training courses. We are members of TRADA Timber Research and Development Association ensuring we stay up to date with the latest developments in Wood Science and Technology in various subjects such as wood properties, structure and utilisation. We have senior Members of the organisation who are in various National and International Technical Committees such as BSI British Standard Institute– Sawn, Round Timber and Cladding Committees.

Our People

Employees in Timber Focus are the most valuable asset in our organisation. Timber Focus ensures that its employees are motivated and have opportunities for training or other career development to ensure that they can help the organisation grow and give our customers a good experience. We give our employees opportunities for promotion within and allow flexible working to ensure a good work life balance. We offer incentives for any good ideas suggested and introduced with the company.
We are confident we are a responsible company and we will ensure we share the knowledge with everyone interested.

TRADA - The Timber Research and Development Association Membership
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