Redwood (Pine)

Slow grown Scandinavian Redwood is used in the manufacture of our decking, cladding and flooring. It is denser and has a lower movement than normal redwood. It can be preservative treatment very well and takes treatments very well to make it very durable.

Scots pine (UK), Baltic redwood, Finnish redwood, Archangel redwood, Russian redwood, Polish redwood, red deal, yellow deal, European Redwood

Why Choose Our Products

  • Environmentally friendly and FSC Certified.
  • Production – allows you to choose any particular wood profile you prefer.
  • We finish our products to the clients’ taste.
  • Our products are used in a wide range of applications from modular, summerhouses, large commercial and private dwellings.
  • Our large stock holding allows us a lot more flexibility in the supply of a wide range of merchants, timber frame, shed manufacturers, timber distributors and also project specific requirements.

Environmentally friendly and FSC Certified.

Pet and Child-friendly product.

No low maintenance requirements.


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