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Our Products


We hold the largest stock of SertiWood® in the UK.

SertiWood® is a premium brand of modern, innovative and sustainable timber cladding products for use internally and externally. 

SertiWood® is available in over 200 different colours and wood tones and has a style to suit every design requirement from shabby chic to rustic to modern.


SertiWOOD® DragonWOOD® is leading the way in supplying charred and burnt effect timber products for shabby chic look based around the traditional Japanese technique of wood preservation and enhancing the look of wood. This is an innovative durable timber cladding for use in internal and external applications for walls and ceilings. The cladding is heat embossed and factory painted to simulate a charred, burnt or crocodile skin effect on the surface. DragonWOOD® is low maintenance, non-toxic, a cladding product that does not leave any dirt or dust like, scorched, charred, or burnt timber.

Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch also known as Russian Larch, Larix Sibirica is supplied for use in internal and external applications for decking, cladding, louvre blades and fencing. Our Siberian Larch is sourced from sustainable slow growing forests in the cold northern regions of Siberia and supplied as FSC Certified. We select and use the heartwood part of the log which is the most durable. Our Siberian Larch is naturally durable and has a minimum expected service life of 25 years when used for cladding and decking applications.


The technology behind Kebony is a patented process that enhances the natural attributes of softwood in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Kebony is a chemically modified timber, treated to enhance several properties such as biological durability, stability, colour etc. It is predominantly used on non-durable softwoods such as radiata pine, southern yellow pine and scots pine so that these non-durable species can be used for exterior applications.

Western Red Cedar

Also known as thuja plicata, this is a softwood and it is one of the most used cladding products in the UK for premium exterior cladding and fencing screen slats. The Coastal Canadian Western Red Cedar is more durable, more stable, fewer knots and defects in comparison to the home-grown British Cedar which is widely non-durable.


Fire Retardant Cladding

Our timber cladding has become more and more popular for commercial and residential projects. This is primarily because of its enhanced fire safety properties that provides high standard of structural integrity in the face of fire. It is also durable and has a low environmental impact. With our fire retardant timber cladding we give you the best possible fire protection on timber cladding.


Accoya® is a chemically modified wood, it is modified timber in which a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology, enables it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades. Non-durable species such as radiata pine are used and treated in a vinegar like solution to make the timber more durable and stable making it more versatile for use in both internal, external cladding, decking and marine structures.

Charred Timber Cladding

We supply Charred Wood made using the using the ancient Japanese art of charring or burning timber to enhance the durability or the aesthetic in a selection of species for use for both internal and external cladding use. 

We often supply our charred wood through retailers such as timber and builders’ merchants. We also work closely with Architects, Specifiers and Building Contractors for larger projects. Please contact us for samples and information.

Pre-Aged Treatment

Siberian larch that has been treated with a wood reactive agent that is non-toxic with a grey pigment. We apply this to timber decking and cladding in a factory-controlled environment. We recommend applying the SertiWOOD® Old Look on slow grown Siberian Larch that has been selected for its heartwood to ensure that a durable for use UC3 applications i.e. exterior above ground as not all larch is durable.



Thermowood uses a modification method using heat / high temperatures and steam to change the properties of the wood e.g the durability against wood destroying fungi, dimensional stability, and appearance. We supply Thermowood Redwood D Pine, Thermowood Ash, Thermowood Poplar, Thermowood Ayous Clear Cedar and  Thermowood Radiata Pine