Siberian Larch Closed Secret Fix Rainscreen (Narrow) 28x70mm Sample


Our 28 x 70mm Narrow Planed Rhombus UTK Secret Fix tongue and groove Rainscreen Larch closed construction Battens are a versatile profile for use on many building projects, such as cladding, closed gap construction still maintaining the full rainscreen effect.

The samples sent out to you in the post will only be one piece, images are of multiple pieces to see the fitting of the product and how it looks placed together.



Our slow grown Siberian Larch is durable and dense, making it one of the best available in the UK.
No extra treatment necessary for above ground decking, fencing and cladding projects. You can apply the Larch coating to give it the cladding some UV protection.

All of our Larch is FSC Certified.

For fixing cladding we recommend: Timber Cladding Stainless Steel A2 Countersunk Screws 4.0×45 or Annular Ring Stainless Steel Nails 2.65x 50mm

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Siberian Larch


Rainscreen, Secret Fix

Profile Dimensions


Lengths Available

4m Other lengths available to order, please contact us with your enquiry.


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