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SertiWOOD® Rustic Lemon Internal Cladding is designed for use on interiors, feature walls and ceilings to achieve some of the most popular modern looks from rustic to retro to ‘shabby chic’.

The samples sent out to you in the post will only be one piece, images are of multiple pieces to see the fitting of the product and how it looks placed together.


SertiWOOD® Rustic can be used to get a modern look for your interiors by using one colour or a combination of the six different rustic timber cladding colours. Rustic is also available in the Cappuccino, Lemon, Denim, Cherry, Mint, Smoke tones.

We can supply our SertiWOOD® Rustic Internal Cladding with tongue and groove V joints. Moreover, it comes with a planed sawn surface which allows the natural wood grain to show. The Rustic timber boards can provide clean joints for longer runs therefore removing the need for long lengths of timber.


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