SertiWOOD® Deep Charred Tongue and Groove Shadow Gap Sample


Siberian Larch Heavy Charred and Oiled Tongue and Groove Shadow Gap profile 21x145mm. This can be used to clad horizontally and vertically.

The samples sent out to you in the post will only be one piece, images are of 2 pieces to see the fitting of the product.


The technique of scorching and burning cladding has been used for centuries by the Japanese. The carbon layer not only enhances the durability of the timber, but also creates a beautiful black aesthetic. The production process includes machining the larch cladding to the tongue and groove shadow gap profile, Heavy burning on 2 edges and one wide face, followed by application of 2 coats of oil help protect the charr.

Additional information


Deep Charred


UTS Shadow Gap

Profile Dimensions


Lengths Available

4m Other lengths available to order, please contact us with your enquiry.


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