SertiWOOD® Charred Ebony Shadow Gap UTS Sample


Siberian Larch Ebony Charred and Oiled Tongue and Groove Shadow Gap profile 21x145mm. This can be used to clad horizontally and vertically.

The samples sent out to you in the post will only be one piece, images are of 2 pieces to see the fitting of the product.


As a leading importer and distributor of Siberian Larch. We supply the finest range of Charred Siberian Larch Cladding manufactured from slow grown larch which is naturally durable wood consisting of the heartwood part of the wood. We offer both standard and bespoke profiles. Our cladding is supplied for both protection and to enhance the look of both the interiors and exteriors of homes, public spaces and garden buildings.

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UTS Shadow Gap

Profile Dimensions


Lengths Available

4m Other lengths available to order, please contact us with your enquiry.


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