Charred Larch Brushed And Oiled Shiplap Halflap 21x145mm

Charred Larch Brushed And Oiled Shiplap Halflap 21x145mm

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Including VAT and Delivery

Charred Siberian Larch 21x145mm Halflap shiplap UYV 30664145 profile this is heavy charred, brushed on the wide surface and oiled

The technique of scorching and burning cladding has been used for centuries by the Japanese.

The carbon layer not only enhances the durability of the timber, but also creates a beautiful black aesthetic.

The production process includes machining the larch cladding to shiplap half-lap profile, Heavy burning on 2 edges and one wide face, then Brushing followed by application of 2 coats of oil help protect the charr

Supplied in 5.4m2 & 29m2 in 4.0mtr lengths


Delivered in 7-10 working days nationwide

Product Description

  • Scorched & Charred Burnt brushed 2 sealer coats oiled Siberian Larch Cladding
  • 21 x 145mm Halflap Shiplap Profile (UYV 30664145)
  • Available in light brown to black (charcoal)
  • Heavy Charred and Brushed and 2 Coats Oil Sealer Applied
  • Quick and easy to install
  • For interior and exterior applications
  • Slow grown and selected for durable heartwood
  • Other Profile and Wood Types available to order Contact the Sales Team
  • Sourced from Sustainable Forests –  FSC Certified on request
  • Meets UK and European Cladding Regulations CE Marked to EN14915, BS1186, BS8605
  • Timber Quality is A/B Grade.

Additional Information

Dimensions 21 × 145 × 4000 mm




Available in more colours



2 Annular Ring Stainless Steel Nails minimum 50mm long or Screws minimum 30mm long for 22mm thick or less cladding

Working Properties

Easy to work


Length Linear Metre Square Metre
4m £8.5 £58.6

Technical Information

Profile           : 30664145
Type              : External Cladding
Nom size      : 21 x 145


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