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western red cedar
external Cladding

Imported Coastal Canadian Western Red Cedar is naturally durable. It can be used for external cladding and decking applications with no additional preservative treatment.

It is important to note that not all Western Red Cedars are the same and it’s essential to specify Coastal Clear Grade Western Red Cedar for the best durability. Other options, such as home-grown British Cedar or Canadian Inland cedar are the same species i.e. thuja plicata; however, their different growing conditions result in a paler wood which is less durable, less stable and has more knots. These woods tend to be used in lower quality products. 

We supply only the premium Coastal Canadian Western Red Cedar which is clear of defects, stable, durable, golden brown in colour, and easy to fix and maintain.

Bespoke profiles can be made to order.

with predominately tongue and groove cladding which can be used for both horizontal including slats for a contemporary look.

All our Canadian Western Red Cedar is PEFC Certified.

External cladding with enhanced fire performance is available if required.