SertiWOOD® PreAged Weathered Treatment

Siberian larch that has been treated with a wood reactive agent that is non-toxic with a grey pigment. We apply this to timber decking and cladding in a factory-controlled environment. We recommend applying the SertiWOOD® Old Look on slow grown Siberian Larch that has been selected for its heartwood to ensure that a durable for use UC3 applications i.e. exterior above ground as not all larch is durable.

This product can be used for cladding and decking products exposed to hasher than normal environments e.g. close to coastal areas. Refer to Tidal Coast Case Study Project for examples. 

Why we apply the preaged old look treatment? This specialist wood treatment allows for quick, uniform silvery grey weathering on all cladding elevations or decking. Giving a Rustic to Shabby Chic look that does not peel or flake.

When untreated timber is exposed to the elements e.g. rain, sunlight in exterior cladding, decking or fencing applications it will turn from brownish colours to silvery greys during the natural weathering process which some people do not appreciate and there will be a need to have a more uniform and faster process with very little maintenance required for the duration of the wood.

This SertiWOOD Old Look Preaged treatment also minimises the large colour variations when untreated timber starts to weather it can be very patchy showing, lighter and darker patches, water marks depending on the exposure of the wood to the elements.

The SertiWOOD Old Look preaged treatment reacts with the wood fibres to give a more uniform grey weathered look. This treatment allows for more consistent and faster colour change than normal untreated timber.

Important Aspects to note

Upon delivery, if the wood has not been in direct contact with any elements it tends to be a more uniform grey due to the pigment, but if the product has been in contact water e.g. rain, snow etc it will look patchy or will have streaks that are darker and lighter in some areas. The patches will disappear as the timber is fully exposed on installation due to contact with the elements such as oxygen, sunlight, water etc but if you want to speed but the process of uniform greying in SertiWOOD Old Look you can spray or wash the timber with water this facilitates or speeds up the reaction. 

There is also a tendency to get salty deposits on the surface these can be washed off with water. We recommend washing the cladding with running water to accelerate the weathering and to remove any excess treatment prior to installation this can be done using a garden hose pipe or a bucket and cloth. Washing the cladding avoids excess treatment running off and encountering other materials which may cause reaction, especially metals, aluminum, tiles, concrete, grass, lawns etc. It is best to mask areas such as glass, any plinths, skirtings etc.

The treatment is applied in a factory environment, there is no need to reapply any further treatment to make it more grey or uniform – you need to allow the reaction to take place; this starts to even out approximately 1 week onwards from exposure. If you want to achieve a more grey finish quicker you may resort to touching up onsite by brush with the old look treatment as the last resort but the benefits of this are minimal.

You need to fix the SertiWOOD pre-aged weathered treated wood with stainless steel fixings, making sure that the wood is not in contact with any other metals, materials or there is no residue runoff onto other materials from the treatment.

Please contact us if you need any help with the selection or specification of the SertiWOOD® Old Look pre-weathered silvery grey finish for your next project or download the cladding and decking BIM OBJECTS. We keep some products pre-treated for prompt delivery to site.

Below we have 3 images of Siberian Larch Old Look SertiWOOD Larch going through the weathering process. The First Image newly treated samples (Siberian Larch Decking, Viking Textured Sawn Face and a Narrow Rhombus Rainscreen Cladding Profile) after 1 Day, Middle Image After 7 Days of exposure, and the Last Image show after 15 days exposure.

Samples Treated SertiWOOD Aged Look New Unweathered Day 1
Day 1

Siberian Larch Samples Treated SertiWOOD® Aged Look New Un-weathered Day 1

Day 7

Siberian Larch Samples Treated SertiWOOD® Aged Old Look After 7 Days Exposure

Day 21

Siberian Larch Samples Treated SertiWOOD® Aged old Look After 15 Days Exposure

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