Modern Jurassic Coast House With A Natural Timber Cladding Finish.

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Modern Jurassic Coast House With A Natural Timber Cladding Finish.

Located above the Jurassic Coast overlooking the lovely seaside town of Lyme Regis it felt important to us to create a building that was contemporary but would blend in with the surroundings and the valley beyond. Our vision was not to disrupt the beauty of the coastline but to complement it with a building that that blends modern design with a natural wood finish. The large house has been complemented by visitors and professionals alike as warm, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing; with spectacular uninterrupted views of the Lyme Bay and the countryside. 

In order to achieve our vision, we did extensive research to find the right cladding and decking materials. Considering the close proximity to the coast the selection of the species was important. We chose slow grown preaged old look Siberian Larch as it had the best attributes to end up with the results that we were looking for. The wood was specifically selected for Heartwood only SertiWOOD® Siberian Larch Quality Graded 2/3 BS1186-3 Part 4 Class 2/3. We used FSC Certified SertiWOOD® Oldlook treated Siberian Larch for both the cladding and decking to get the aged look from the outset. The durability of the material was an important factor along with ensuring a uniform weathered silvery grey look eliminating concerns of defined variations in weathering e.g. no exposed or defined watermarks. Preaged and preweathered timber added benefit of the treatment is that the finish will not require reapplication or further treatment in the future.

The profile was very simple but gave a defined vertical line configuration using square edge boards of various widths with the Soffits clad in a rainscreen rhombus Siberian larch profile the decking was Siberian larch decking boards reversible smooth on one side and reeded on the other. This gave the building a more interesting and more contemporary look that we were after. The result is a spectacular yet not overly imposing modern house. The SertiWOOD® Old look preaged weathered treated Siberian Larch cladding gives the building a soft coastal feel to it, which will stand the test of times. The interiors where finished in a combination of wood finishes such as DragonWOOD® Charred burnt effect, SertiWOOD® white wax and SertiWOOD® rustic cappuccino internal timber wall coverings.


  • Durable slow grown selected for heartwood
  • Maintenance free
  • Unform weathering
  • Non-Toxic
  • Sustainable FSC Certified
  • Suitable for coastlines and harsh environments
  • Cost effective

Modern Jurassic Coast House With A Natural Timber Cladding Finish.

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