The technology behind Kebony is a patented process that enhances the natural attributes of softwood in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Kebony is a chemically modified timber, treated to enhance several properties such as biological durability, stability, colour etc. It is predominantly used on non-durable softwoods such as radiata pine, southern yellow pine and scots pine so that these non-durable species can be used for exterior applications.

We supply Kebony that is charred, scorched wood for cladding applications and this is our one of our specialist products. We offer heavy charred, oiled and sealed Kebony for exterior and interior cladding.

Modified Radiata Pine Kebony is also known as Kebony Clear and the Modified Scots Pine is known as Character Kebony.

Kebony uses sustainable softwood for their product, ensuring that the parent wood is harvested only from responsible woodlots, and the chemicals used in the modification are derived from recycled sugars. These factors mean that their modified wood causes minimal harm to the environment and Kebony is a good eco-friendly option.

The creation of Kebony involves two primary steps:

1. Impregnation with a Bio-Based Liquid.
Kebony uses a non-toxic bio-based liquid derived from agricultural plant waste. The wood is completely saturated in the furfuryl alcohol before it moves to the next stage, which is where the real magical happens.

2. Curing and Drying of the Wood.
Once the wood is fully immersed in this liquid the boards are removed and transitioned into the curing and drying phase. The wood will be heated, which causes the furfuryl alcohol to polymerize. This process joins the small molecules (monomers) in the alcohols, turning them into long molecules (polymers). The furfuryl alcohol polymers become permanently locked into the wood cell walls, increasing their thickness by 50%.

Once fully dried the modified wood is ready for use.

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