How to transform the outside of your home

How to transform the outside of your home

How to transform the outside of your home

SertiWOOD Anthracite Grey Brushed Timber Cladding (19x146mmx2.357mtr = 126 pieces pack) 36.12m2

How to transform the outside of your home

Are you thinking of renovating the outside of your property? Or maybe you are thinking of replacing your existing cladding with a more modern and energy efficient solution? No matter what your reason might be, timber cladding is becoming a very popular design feature for property owners in the UK.

There are a number of reasons why timber cladding is becoming popular, but the primary reason is the visually stunning transformation it offers your home. Timber is naturally beautiful and can immediately add warmth and character to any property. By being a natural material, it also offers each customer a unique character that you simply do not get with other materials.

The fact that it is a natural product is also one of the many reasons people are opting to install timber cladding. Not only is it environmentally friendly compared to other options on the market but it is also the only truly sustainable building material. Fully renewable, the product is the most eco-friendly option there is to renovate your home.

Of course one of the biggest benefits of installing cladding to your home however is that timber has very low thermal conductivity; much lower than traditional building materials such as concrete. This means it will help to reduce the energy consumption of your property; saving you money!

Here at Timber Focus our Viking Siberian Larch Secret Fix range is the perfect solution to transform the exterior of your home. The slow grown heartwood has been specifically selected for its durability, ensuring your home will always be protected from the elements.

Coming in a host of sizes, the range is suitable for diagonal, horizontal and vertical applications so it can be accommodated to any home. Not only that but the quick and easy tongue and groove installation helps to ensure your home can be transformed in hours. The Viking Siberian Larch range has also been specifically designed to hide all nails and screws, giving you a clean, smooth finish.

If you fancy transforming your property, then check out the full range here.

Garden Landscaping: choosing the right decking

Garden Decking had a huge revival back in the late 1990s and early 2000s thanks to TV shows such as Garden Force and since then it has become a staple of the English garden; acting as the hub for social gatherings and family BBQs.

It might seem like a very simple upgrade to make to your garden, but if you are looking to give your garden a new lease of life with a timber decking, then you will quickly realise that there is a huge array of choices and options out there. This can make things a little tough when choosing what materials to opt for however typically there are three main choices; Softwood, Hardwood or Composite.

Each choice has their pros and cons, but we believe that there very little substitute for a traditional wooden decking. That is why we believe our traditional softwood Siberian Larch timber decking is the perfect option for transforming your garden. The moderately durable timber is better known as Russian Larch and is commonly used in a wide range of outdoor products.

Grown in the colder regions of Siberia and Mongolia, the wood is perfect for outdoor use and can be stained and painted to provide you with the exact look that you are dreaming of. Without painting it, the Siberian Larch will turn a natural silver colour as part of the weathering process – this is perfectly fine as the wood does not need to be treated in order to remain working in prime condition.

What makes the Siberian Larch Decking so popular is not only its durable performance but also its budget-friendly costs. You can either leave it natural or oil, paint or stain it as needed to create the ultimate garden decking. Alongside that, it is very easy to maintain and a simple jet wash will help keep your decking clean and ready to use all year round.

We have a full range of decking, and cladding, available in all sizes and costs so check out the full range here.


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