How to build a SertiWOOD® Screen Slat Fence.

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How to build a SertiWOOD® Screen Slat Fence.

Slat fences are becoming a very popular design trend in the UK and are the stunning construction is a great way to stand out from your neighbours with a unique style. Although it might look a challenge to install, they do not require any specialist skills, so if you are thinking of installing one this summer here’s our top tips:

Installing The Posts

Just like you would with a normal fence, the main structure of a slat fence is made up of the posts so ensuring you install these correctly. Ideally, you should be placing these around six foot apart from each other, although this can be increased or decreased slightly depending on the length of your boards.

When you install them, make sure that you dig a hole that has a suitable depth, which is usually around one third of the height of the post. You should then fill the bottom of the hole with gravel before cementing the posts into place.

Affix Your Boards

When affixing the slats to your posts, start at the bottom and use stainless steel nails to hammer into the posts. Make sure you keep these slats straight by using a spirit level and to keep a uniformed gap, make sure you are using a spacer between each board.

Work your way up the posts, remembering to keep the correct space between boards and checking they are level. For extra stability, you can add a vertical batten in the middle between the posts.

Finish The Fence

Once you have been able to attach all of your slats, you can then add a trim board to hide any nails that you do not want to show. You can also then apply paint or some form of protection to the wood as required. 

Here at Timber Focus, we are big fans of the screen slat style fence and we provide customers with a unique range of timber for their gardens. Our Western Red Cedar Screen Slats are designed to be easy to install, while providing our customers with a highly durable solution.

Grown in sustainable forests on the West Coast of British Columbia, our Red Cedar is selected for its durable heartwood and can be stained and painted as required.

So if you are looking to transform your garden with a beautiful fence slats, take a look at our Western Red Cedar range today.

How to build a SertiWOOD® Screen Slat Fence.

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