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Five Reasons Why Charred Wood Is The Hottest Design Trend Right Now

Five Reasons Why Charred Wood Is The Hottest Design Trend Right Now

Interior design has always been heavily influenced by the past, and the idea of using beautiful charred wood might be the hottest trend right now – but it has been around for hundreds of years. The ancient Japanese technique was originally designed to protect the wood from the elements, but here’s five reasons you should use it in your home: 

Highly durable

When the wood is burnt, it creates a thin layer of carbon over the outside, protecting the inside of the wood from being damaged. Not only does this protect it from the weather, but it also help to keep it safe from insects – making it perfect for use outside.

Looks great

Charred wood looks absolutely stunning and is a fantastic alternative to using black paint or staining, which require regular maintenance. Charred wood is far more eco-friendly and requires very little maintenance.

Truly unique

Thanks to the methods used, every piece of charred wood is truly unique and will have its own character, texture and tone. The charring can be as deep or as smooth as you like, so can met any design requirements you have.

Limitless designs

As it is a real wood cladding, the designs and patterns of installing it are limitless and you can get as creative as you like in your home. Charred cladding can also be used inside and outside the home.

Enhances the natural beauty

During the process of charring, it brings out the natural contours, grain and character of the wood. This makes it a fantastic material to use in contrast to more modern materials such as metal and glass.

Our SertiWOOD® DragonWOOD® provides our customers with a beautiful and highly functional timber cladding solution. Full of charm and character, it makes the perfect partner to your next design project!