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Timber is renowned for its versatility in various  structural and aesthetic applications, yet building regulations often demand enhanced fire performance. Our fire retardant treated timber cladding, designed to meet these exacting standards. Achieve superior fire reaction ratings of up to Euroclass B-s1, d0 with our solutions, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

As a leading supplier in the UK, Timber Focus ensures swift delivery of fire retardant treated wood to your site. Our treatments, including Burnblock®, Fire X, Fire Pro, and others, are eco-friendly and derived from natural substances. They can be applied to a variety of timber species, from Larch, Thermowoods, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Charred Wood SertiWOOD, and Oak, among others in Hardwood, Softwood and Modified Wood.

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Our fire retardant treatments seamlessly integrate safety with aesthetics. You can finish your cladding with various paint options without compromising its fire rating. Prioritizing the safety of building occupants is our top concern, and our fire retardant treatments offer peace of mind for any construction project.

Trust Timber Focus for quality and reliability when it comes to fire retardant treated timber cladding. We offer a wide selection of treatment brands, including We have a large selection of treatment brands we can supply NT DECO, Envirograf, Woodsafe, Fire X, Fire Pro, Dricon, Sentrin, Tekno Safe, Holz Prof, HR Prof and many more.

Additional Information: When specifying flame retardant treatments, it’s crucial to ensure long-term, predictable performance backed by independent verification. Two fundamental specifications must be established:

  1. Reaction to Fire Performance: Determine whether Euroclass B or C performance is required, in accordance with BS EN 13501. These are the most demanding classes achievable with an organic substrate.
  2. Service Environment: Define the service class according to BS EN 1995-1-1 structural design code. WPA categorizes flame retardant formulations into Type INT1, INT2, and EXT, aligning with service classes defined in BS EN16755.

‘Reaction to Fire’ classifications differ from ‘Resistance to Fire’ ratings. Combustibility ratings are also distinct and often misunderstood. Materials rated Euroclass B or lower are considered combustible, while those achieving Class A1 or A2 are non-combustible or of limited combustibility.

Flame retardant treated wood-based materials enhance safety and comply with Building Regulations, offering value and suitability for various applications. Testing for reaction to fire performance results in a Euroclass rating, with the Euroclass system encompassing categories for smoke production and flaming droplets.

Euro-class EN 13501-1 For all construction products excluding flooring

  • Class F Products for which no reaction to fire performances are determined or which cannot be classified.  
  • Class E Products capable of resisting, for a short period, a small flame attack without substantial flame spread.  
  • Class D Products capable of resisting, for a longer period, a small flame attack without substantial flame spread.  
  • Class C As D but satisfying more stringent requirements and showing limited lateral spread of flame under thermal attack by a single burning item (SBI).  
  • Class B As C but satisfying more stringent requirements and showing very limited lateral spread of flame under thermal attack by a single burning item (SBI)  
  • Class A As B for SBI reaction plus no significant contribution to fire load and growth (A2 – limited combustibility) or no contribution in any stage of the fire (A1 – non- combustible).  

The Euroclass system also includes classification categories for smoke production (class s1 to s3) and creation of flaming droplets (class d0 to d2).

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Fire-retardant cladding products are available in the following profiles:


Timber Profile 11


Timber Focus Profile 29


Timber Focus Profile 32


Timber Focus Profile 38


Timber Focus Profile 52


Timber Focus Profile 79


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