Featheredge Cladding:Weatherboard Cladding

Featheredge Cladding is a traditional favourite for our brand. Imagine wooden boards overlapping slightly. This design keeps the weather out while adding a rustic touch. We offer premium quality boards, even cut to your exact size!

We take pride in being the largest suppliers of Painted Exterior Cladding in the UK, particularly in Black, Grey and White featheredge boarding for external cladding and fencing.

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Featheredge Cladding in Various Colours

Builders and homeowners love our painted cladding, available in a range of colours. Want a sleek modern look? The black feather edge cladding is perfect. We also have classic white and unique options like the Premium Dutch Featheredge with its thick, wide boards.

Durable and Long-lasting Protection

Using kiln-dried wood to prevent warping and treat it for protection against fungus. Black cladding featheredge, for example, gets a three-coat paint job for ultimate weather resistance.

Match Your Vision with Bespoke Options

Want something more unique? We can create bespoke cladding in various wood types like cedar or larch. We also offer different finishes like paint, oil, or even a pre-aged look. Fire retardant treatments are available too!

Explore our wide selection of external cladding, including featheredge options. Contact our friendly experts today to discuss your project and find the perfect fit for your home! 

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