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We’re here to assist you in every step of your timber journey. Whether you have questions about our products, need guidance on the right timber solution for your project, or want to explore collaboration opportunities, our dedicated team is ready to help. Reach out to us today, and let’s build something exceptional together. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Yes, we do supply retail customers, but we are predominately an importer and distributor, supplying merchants and trade.

Payments are accepted by a card or bank transfer in full prior to delivery.

Most products are kept at our fulfilment centre in Staffordshire Great Bridgeford  but we need you to arrange a collection date and time with a member of our team giving 24 hours notice prior to collection.

Most stock orders are delivered in 5-7 working days or 2-3 days, but bespoke orders that need special treatments can be approximately 4-5 weeks or longer if we need to acquire particular lengths or widths of timber for your enquiry.

We can offer weekend deliveries in exceptional circumstances at an extra charge.

We only offer timed deliveries for dedicated lorry deliveries or by special arrangement where possible.

All our deliveries are kerbside deliveries, any larger orders will require assistance to offload. On the day of delivery there shouldn't be any access issues as we use 7.5-tonne trucks for deliveries, deliveries can be made on smaller vans depending on the size of the order and lead-times required. If there are any access restrictions to the delivery address of your order please contact a member of our team with delivery requirements and instructions.

We supply samples for a small fee to cover postage; in exceptional instances, we send samples free of charge.

Yes, we can supply specific lengths to order e.g. cut to size but this will increase the delivery leadtimes.

Yes, we supply fixings for details on the recommended fixings, visit the additional information on the products tab on the online shop.

Yes, we supply fully certified fire retardant timber cladding for internal and external use treated to Euro Class B.

Yes, we do. Please contact us for a certificate as soon as the cladding is delivered if it has not been supplied with the delivery note.

Yes, we do please send us your enquiry and we will assist if not shown on our website.

We are one of the few companies that can offer fully insured warranty for external paint cladding. We offer for external cladding minimum 10 years in opaque painting and 5 years in translucent painting for external applications.

We expect our cladding to last minimum 25 years externally UC3.

Measure the total area you need to cover and divide by the board laid measure or actual board coverage, every board tends to have a different laid cover. If you are unsure of the laid cover of a particular product, you can always request for information on the laid measure from a member of our team.

Example; if you need to clad or deck an area of 50m2 you need to establish your board laid measure or actual board coverage is e.g if 125mm. You will need to divide the 50m2 by the 0.125mm = 400 linear meters, as a general rule of thumb add 10% to 15% for waste e.g., trimming or crosscutting waste. For 50m2 we would suggest ordering approximately 440mtrs based on the example above.

This information is available on our products additional information tab on the shop.

Yes we can supply touch up paint to match the cladding.

We have both FSC and PEFC Certification together with our environmental policy all available on the downloads section.

We accommodate orders of all sizes and offer our customers the flexibility to place small orders. There may be a small order charge placed on the order to aid delivery and handling fees.

Yes, we provide nationwide delivery throughout the UK, covering England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. We also export to the USA.

We cater to timber orders of all sizes.

Absolutely! We provide tailored support, including assistance with special projects like Grand Designs. Feel free to contact us for any timber-related questions or support.

Timber Focus distinguishes itself with knowledgeable staff and the largest selection of timber cladding stock in the UK. Our in-house production line allows for bespoke profiles and finishes, ensuring quick turnaround times. Additionally, we hold Environmental certifications, including product warranties, ISO 9001, FSC, and PEFC Certification.

Yes, we maintain a good stock of FSC Certified Siberian Larch sourced sustainably for decking and cladding. We also offer alternative timber types when needed.

We primarily use Larch in Siberian, Austrian Larch/European Larch, all kiln-dried. Additionally, we supply other species like Charred Accoya, Frake, Kebony, Douglas Fir, and Thermowood upon request in bespoke profiles aswell.

We offer charred cladding in tongue and groove Shadow Gap (UTS) and Square edge (SH) profiles. If you're looking for something specific beyond the profiles listed on our website, let us know, and we'll provide you with a customized solution.

Unbrushed cladding feels rough to the touch and may have loose soot on the surface. Brushing smoothens the surface and removes excess soot, sometimes resulting in a slightly lighter textured appearance of the charring.

We recommend treating your cladding with Charred Sealer annually. Despite being pre-oiled, weathering can eventually revert the timber to its original color in some areas. The sealer also helps seal the wood to prevent moisture absorption.

As one of the UK's charred cladding stockists, we can offer next-day delivery, making us the fastest delivery exstock supplier in the UK. Custom orders may have longer lead times, depending on the chosen species.

Timber Focus has gained significant popularity within the UK cladding and supply sector for several reasons. Its rise in prominence can be attributed to its enhanced productivity and expanded range of offerings in recent years. This surge in capability stemmed from strategic acquisitions, notably acquiring assets from Silva Timber during its administration phase. Additionally, Timber Focus secured partnerships with leading Estonian timber planing mills, a move aimed at meeting UK certification standards for timber cladding. The utilization of its SertiWOOD brand has been instrumental in ensuring compliance with UK legislation, particularly in projects such as Black Barn and painted claddings. By adhering to stringent certification requirements and leveraging key partnerships, Timber Focus has emerged as a reliable provider within the UK's cladding and supply industry.

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