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We are Timber focus

Enviroment Policy

We have recognised that through our operations and the activities of our suppliers that we inevitably impact on the environment. Through regular monitoring, reviews and audits we will routinely assess and report on any significant aspects and set targets to ensure adequate control of our environmental performance basis. We have an environmental policy to address any timber environmental concerns.

Timber Focus will not be directly or indirectly involved in the following activities:

The company will ensure where required that proper managerial and administrative controls will operate to enable this Policy to be maintained. We will seek to incorporate the use of processes, practices, materials or products that are compatible with our commitment to prevention of pollution.We pride ourselves on having a Responsible Purchasing Policy.

Timber Focus will comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and any other requirements of industry best practice and will implement any new requirements as considered necessary to achieve compliance.

We recognise that the independent certification of forests and the process chain is the most useful tool in providing assurances that the timber comes from legal and well-managed forests. We will only accept or use labels or certificates which include environmental or sustainability claims if publicly available standards support these, drawn up in an entirely participatory transparent and objective manner and backed by independent inspection. We operate a chain of Custody system. We maintain FSC® & PEFC™ Chain Of Custody certificates which are available on request and are available to download from our website.

It is the Policy of the company to ensure that all personnel involved in the company’s operations have appropriate training and that every individual concerned understands the environmental aspects, impact and pollution control instructions as part of their roles and responsibilities. We minimise any waste and recycle as much wood products as by-products into pellets, briquettes and utilise our wood biomass systems.

We provide training to ensure continuous improvement and to avoid any misleading claims from our staff.

It is the responsibility of all employees to support and apply those sections of the company environmental systems which relates to their activities within the organisation.

This Policy embraces relationships with our suppliers with whom we will promote improved environmental performance through the communication of our policy and objectives. The Policy will also be communicated to our customers and is available to the public when requested.

Please download our Environmental and Organisation documentation from our downloads section.