SertiWOOD® DragonWOOD

SertiWOOD DragonWOOD Nordica is a modern durable shabby chic charred timber range used for internal and external claddings including internal flooring.

SertiWOOD DragonWOOD Nordica is leading the way in supplying charred and burnt effect timber products for shabby chic look based around the traditional Japanese technique of wood preservation and enhancing the look of wood. SertiWOOD DragonWOOD Nordica is durable, maintains its colour with a minimum 10-year warranty for exterior cladding DragonWOOD can be fire retardant treated to Euro Class BEN13501-1 i.e. for fire protection or improving the fire performance of timber claddings with full Certification and Factory production control documentation. Non fire retardant DragonWOOD is Euro Class F or Class D.

Our Production Factory holds valid certification for fire retardant certification as required by law when supplying any fire-retardant timber cladding in the Construction Products Regulations EN14915:2013 through INSPECTA which most organisations do not have.

SertiWOOD DragonWOOD Nordica is manufactured from FSC Certified Slow Grown Nordic Softwoods and treated to for exterior applications for Use in UC3 according to BSEN 335:2013.

Typical End Uses

Claddings, Brise Solelil – Louvre Blades, flooring, furniture


SertiWOOD DragonWOOD conforms to British and European Standards. The Quality of Exposed surfaces is to EN15146/EN14519 produced in Certified Factory for the complete quality manufacture and handling of timber products for use in construction. All the Timber Cladding is CE Marked to EN14915:2013+A1 2017 with a DOP Declaration of Performance ; BS1186- 1990 and BS8605-1


Supplied random although, we can also supply any specific lengths from 1.8mtr to 6.0mtr crosscut and bundled.

We also supply Tongue and groove on the ends to minimise waste and give better finish as opposed to standard square butt joints

Standard Profiles (Standard board widths are Ex 25x150mm)

PTGV – Block (TF1)

Shiplap – Viking (Special TF10 profile)

PSE – TF11

We recommend for the best effect to select large flat areas as any adulations or slopes cannot be burnt charred during embossing to give the effect. The full treatment is only done on the wide face.


DragonWOOD is predominately supplied in an opaque black colour other colours on request in the RAL or NCS Range, please note translucent tones have a minimum 5 year coating warranty. DragonWOOD is a character full product if Grading for cladding according to BS 1186-3 the Class 2/3; BS EN 942:J30

We use Low VOC products for class 3 protection against rot and blue stain as required by EN standard 599-1.

Moisture Content: AVG 18% for Cladding and AVG 10% for internal flooring

Easy to work – Nail, screw or cut


304 Grade Stainless steel face fixing as standard

316 Grade (marine grade on exposed or coastal areas)

Other Dragon Products include, supplied to special order

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