DragonWOOD® is a pioneer in charred and burnt effect timber products inspired by traditional Japanese preservation techniques. This innovative, durable timber cladding offers a shabby chic aesthetic for internal and external walls and ceilings. DragonWOOD® boasts a unique surface effect, is low maintenance, and comes with an extended 15-year coating warranty for exterior applications.

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DragonWOOD® leads the industry in providing charred and burnt effect timber products, drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese technique of wood preservation to achieve a distinctive shabby chic look. Our innovative and durable timber cladding is designed for both internal and external applications, adding character to walls and ceilings.

What sets DragonWOOD® apart is its heat-embossed, factory-painted surface that perfectly simulates charred, burnt, or even a crocodile skin effect. This cladding is not just visually striking but also low maintenance, non-toxic, and leaves no dirt or dust residue like scorched, charred, or burnt timber might.

For exterior applications, DragonWOOD® comes with a remarkable minimum 15-year coating warranty, especially in the charcoal black finish. Additionally, the product can be supplied with a fire-retardant treatment coating, meeting Euro Class B standards.

Our Production Factory holds essential certifications for fire retardancy, complying with the Construction Products Regulations EN14915:2013 through INSPECTA—a distinction not commonly held by most organizations.

SertiWOOD® DragonWOOD® primarily comes in an opaque black color, with other shades available upon request in the RAL or NCS Range. Note that translucent tones carry a minimum 5-year coating warranty.

Graded according to BS 1186-3 as Class 2/3 and BS EN 942: J30, SertiWOOD® DragonWOOD® is not just a cladding product; it’s a character-filled statement for your space.

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DragonWOOD® products are available in the following profiles:

Timber Focus Profile 30


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