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Charred Timber Cladding Does Not Need To Be Expensive

Charred Timber Cladding Does Not Need To Be Expensive

If you have read any interior design magazines or watched any TV shows recently, then you will know that charred timber cladding is currently the trend for both internal and exterior cladding.

There are many options of charred timber available from a different brand and style of production. However, nowadays all are usually charred simply for aesthetic reasons. Although looks are important, the most important aspect should still be the durability. One of the most important factors in determining durability is to ensure the wood is manufactured from a durable solution. If you are planning to use the charred timber cladding outside, then you should not use home-grown softwoods like British Larch and Douglas fir.

You should make sure that the charred timber has not been done with a hand held blow touch to guarantee the best finish. Using a hand held blow touch often results in the charring not being as deep or consistent. To ensure highest quality, you would want the charring to be at least 3mm throughout.

Using Siberian Larch for charred timber is a popular choice to get the best performance. Siberian Larch is often selected for heartwood as it is the naturally durable part of the tree. Equally as durable are Thermowood, Kebony and Accoya.

If you need a durable finish, then you need to select a heavy charred wood so do not opt for brushed, or different wood colours, as these do not last as long and are difficult to maintain. Instead, you should stick to heavy charred oiled and sealed wood.

Here at Timber Focus, we offer a wide range of charred timber, with some of the highest quality cladding in Europe. Our charred wood is PEFC or FSC Certified. We also have a stunning charred Nordic Spruce that is suitable for use in restaurants and saunas alike.