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Supplying Charred Wood made using the ancient Japanese art of charring or burning timber to enhance the durability or the aesthetic in a selection of species for use for both internal and external cladding use.

We pride ourselves for having ready stocks for fast delivery and the best range of charred wood. Often supplying our charred wood through retailers such as timber and builders’ merchants. We also work closely with Architects, Specifiers and Building Contractors for larger projects. Please contact us for samples and information. 

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We offer two popular wood profiles for charred timber cladding: square (SH) and shadow gap tongue and groove (UTS). 

Additionally, our primary wood species is charred larch heartwood, readily available from stock for immediate delivery. All prices listed are inclusive of VAT.

Specializing in crafting authentic charred wood using a method akin to the traditional Japanese technique, where this unique cladding originated. As the sole UK company employing this method, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly charred timber cladding solutions. These solutions boast not only aesthetic appeal but also exceptional resistance to harsh weather conditions and prolonged sun exposure.

To achieve this superior quality, we have meticulously improved upon the original Japanese method by developing our unique vertical charring technology. This technology allows for deeper charring, resulting in products with enhanced texture. While this process is more intricate, costlier, and requires superior craftsmanship, it ultimately yields a significantly more durable product. The increased texture and deeper char layer significantly improve resistance to sun exposure. Compared to products with a thin char layer, ours maintain their visual appeal for an extended period.

Many manufacturers utilise gas burners for charring, a method with drawbacks such as high gas consumption and minimal texture, leading to a char layer that quickly deteriorates. Our advanced technology intensifies the charring process, resulting in superior weather resistance and a more defined char layer pattern. Additionally, at extremely high temperatures, the wood undergoes rapid burning, causing pores to shrink and close more effectively, leading to a char layer with enhanced resistance to insects and water.

Furthermore, we are renowned for our production flexibility, readily accepting bespoke requests for various projects. For instance, we have undertaken numerous experimental projects, including crafting shingles and charring custom shapes.We char wood by following a traditional Japanese wood charring method Shou Sugi Ban, also known as Yakisugi, which gives the charred timber a unique texture, makes it resistant to harsh weather conditions and ensures it is durable over time.

We supply not just limited to Larch but we also offer SertiWOOD Charred Spruce Cladding, Charred Thermo Frake Cladding, Charred Accoya Cladding, Charred Kebony Character Cladding, Charred Kebony Clear Cladding.


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