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We supply Charred Wood made using the using the ancient Japanese art of charring or burning timber to enhance the durability or the aesthetic in a selection of species for use for both internal and external cladding use.

We often supply our charred wood through retailers such as timber and builders’ merchants. We also work closely with Architects, Specifiers and Building Contractors for larger projects. Please contact us for samples and information.

All charred orders below 30m2 incurr an extra small order handling and delivery charge

The common wood profiles we supply for Charred timber cladding are Square (SH) and a Shadow Gap Tongue and Groove (UTS).

The main wood species we supply is Charred Larch Heartwood. We provide these from stock cladding allowing for immediate delivery. All orders are and prices listed including VAT.

We specialise in producing authentic charred wood using a method similar to that used in Japan, where charred wood was first introduced. As the only company in Europe using this method, we are committed to creating high-quality, durable, and sustainable charred timber cladding solutions that are not only aesthetically and visually impressive, but also resistant to harsh weather conditions and extended exposure to the sun.

To achieve this, we have enhanced the original Japanese method and developed our unique vertical charring technology. This technology allows us to achieve deeper charring, resulting in products with more texture. Although this process is more complex, expensive, and requires more craftsmanship, it ultimately yields a more durable product. The increased texture and deeper char layer make our products more resistant to sun exposure, maintaining their visual appeal for a longer period of time compared to products with a thin char layer.

Most manufacturers use gas burners for charring, but their technology has a disadvantage as it consumes a lot of gas and produces a minimal texture resulting in a char layer that wears off quickly. Our technology intensifies the charring process, resulting in improved weather resistance, and a better-defined pattern of the charred layer. At very high temperatures, the wood burns quickly, causing the pores to shrink and close more effectively, making the charred layer more resistant to insects and water.

Moreover, we are flexible in our production and can create custom solutions for various projects. For example, we have had many experimental projects, such as producing shingles or charring custom shapes.

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