SertiWOOD® Hardwood Cedar

Has been identified as a similar and good alternative to western red cedar. SertiWOOD® Hardwood  Cedar is used for a wide range of applications, both internal and external joinery and even saunas. SertiWOOD®Hardwood Cedar is a sustainable, durable, stable timber, manufactured through Heat treatment i.e thermal modification similar to thermowoods. African Hardwoods are modified under heat/steam and pressure with temperatures in excess of 200 Degrees Celsius.

Key benefits of Timber Focus SetriWOOD® Hardwood  Cedar • Sustainable Hardwood • Durable over 50 years service life UC3 • Golden Brown • Light weight • Clear virtually knotfree • Uniform Colour • Good Insulation Properties • Easy to maintain • Low movement and stable • Non Toxic • Price level – Medium • Takes coatings and finishes well

SUPERIOR QUALITY • Finest quality virtually knot free (supplied in the highest cladding grade in BS 1186-3:1997 Class CSH most cladding is supplied as Class 1, 2 or 3. Uniform golden brown colour (Cedar tone) • Moulding quality finish DEPENDABLE PERFORMANCE • Good stability Durable UC3 above 50 years service life ( durability class 1-2) • Reduced distortion, cupping, twist and spring • Smooth, high quality finish EASY TO USE • Easy to cut, nail and glue • Machines well • Takes stains and lacquers well • Can be used for a wide range of applications ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Available as FSC Forest Stewardship Council®. COST EFFECTIVE • Competitive £ point Meduim range • High Throughput • Reduced Waste – if supplied for cladding profiles tongue groove 4 sides • Improved factory efficiency • Reduced further processing ( reduced filling)


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