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British larch is a strong and naturally durable softwood grown in our local woodlands, making it ideal for external cladding in exposed areas. It’s a great choice for those on tight budgets. This larch comes from woodlands across England, Wales, and Scotland. Our locally sourced larch is mainly available with FSC Certification, but we can also supply it as PEFC Certified. 

Scottish larch Cladding is increasingly popular, and we obtain it from reputable local sawmills in different grades like AB and S/F Grades. We specifically choose British larch for its high-quality heartwood. 

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Home Grown larch cladding is renowned for its toughness and durability, making it perfect for exposed elevations and areas prone to knocks and scrapes. It’s our most cost-effective cladding option and is locally sourced from British woodlands in Wales, Scotland, and England. 

Our Home Grown larch cladding, primarily sourced from Scottish, English, and Welsh forests, is sustainable, durable, and cost-effective. Its frequent knots give it a characterful appearance, which complements rustic and traditional aesthetics, especially in ‘board on board’ and other simple arrangements like featheredge rainscreen, which we can supply to order. 

British and Scottish Home Grown larch is distinct from Siberian larch and has a noticeably different appearance. It’s important to specify which version you require. Siberian Larch, though durable with a tighter grain structure, is less readily available. 

While we primarily offer our larch in wet sawn profiles such as feather-edge, British-grown larch can also be dried and machined to various cladding profiles. Our dried larch cladding comes in Grade AB for a cleaner finish or Grade B or S/F for a more affordable option with more knots, similar to Siberian larch grading.  

We have our own factory finishing facility to brush, oil, paint, and fire treat the timber cladding to Euro Class B standards, European Timber Cladding Fire Standards, and also Scottish or Old British Classifications Class O and Class B. We always recommend stainless steel fixings for all our cladding installations. Contact one of our experts for more information Do not limit yourselves We also supply British Cedar, British Oak for oak cladding, and British Douglas Fir for exterior  wood cladding applications. 

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